Sunday, February 22, 2015

Read Across America

We're getting ready for Read Across America in another week and I'm starting to line up my activities some will be a repeat and others will be new to us. My team wants to do a Dr. Seuss theme for Open House this year, so we'll be starting to plan out our projects so that we're ready in a month.
We have a schedule that we're sending home to have a theme for each day. Monday, we will be having parent readers come in and read with the children. Thursday we're doing a Readers' Theater with both first and second grade. The rest of the days is pretty much up to each teacher.
I just love this hat. I posted this before and you can grab the "Thing 1" button on last year's post.
Check this blog post from last year for some ideas and a freebie.
I'm also going to be doing this It's a Math Thing powerpoint slide show. We did a few of these before and it's so awesome to see the progress they have made when locating the numbers from 1 - 120.

Try this fun activity at my TpT store.
I'm also passing out these cute bookmarks to the kids. They are always asking for the bookmarks in the library and there never seems like there's enough, so I always have to tell them "no". Now they'll each have one to use during their Daily 5, Read to Self time. If you want to use them with your class, please feel free to grab yourself a copy. Enjoy!
These fun bookmarks you can download HERE.
Below is an example of the week's schedule. We'll be sending this home as an easy reminder to the parents. I chose a book for each day of the week.
I've also just released a new, fun product that is super easy for the teacher. Just print and GO! It's called "Build a Puzzle and Write". Choose a puzzle to fit the holiday, the season, or a puzzle just because. All the puzzles are nine pieces. They came in two options. One has a small picture of the puzzle for the kids to refer to. The other has smaller lines to write and no picture. 
You can really use these in so many ways. I've been doing them as a whole class activity, but you can easily use it in a small group. It's also a great way to get them writing a "Super Sentence" with lots of detail.

The picture above shows the freebie available in my store. I thought the topic would be a great activity for Read Across America Week. I hope you enjoy!
Check out these fun activities at my TpT store.
This freebie is available HERE for you to use with your students.

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  1. Do you still have your color to 120 in your store?