Thursday, March 26, 2015

Alphabet Book and Reading Passages

I've been wanting to post some of my projects that I've been doing with my alphabet books this year and I just haven't seemed to find the time. We've been putting together an alphabet book, but since it's first grade...we've written a super sentence to go with each one. The kindergarten version just has A is for apple, B is for bunny... I'm putting a freebie at the end of the pics. Try the apple by itself with your apple unit or get the entire book to do each week.

Grab this freebie in my TpT store.

Find this A to Z book HERE
Find this Super Sentence book HERE
Another project I just released are my first grade fluency passages. These booklets are great for reading groups, but I've also been using them with my whole class. We choose the booklet that works on the same phonics skill that we're working on that week. We read the passage several times, then answer the comprehension questions. The questions vary from explicit to implicit and they must find text evidence to support their answers. Their opinions are also asked and there they must draw from background knowledge. On the back of each booklet it a word work opportunity. I usually have the kids rainbow write the words on the back, but if you have extra time, they love stamping the words. I hope you like them. I'm working on my kinder booklets now. If you are working on Bossy R, I am offering "ir" as a freebie. Check it out and see if you like it. I have a few more days of spring break and then back to a very busy week. Open House is the Wednesday when we return. I'll do a post of my room...Dr. Seuss theme this year. Love, love, love.

Reading Passages - First Grade
Bossy R - Freebie