Monday, May 27, 2013

Classroom iPad Rules

Yahoo!! We just received two new iPads for our classroom and we are all so excited to start using them. I have a lot to learn about the best ways to use these in a first grade classroom and am happy I have the summer to research new apps. Does anyone have any suggestions of what has worked well for them?
I want these iPads to last, so I thought I should post some rules sooner than later. Below are 5 I think our class can manage. Hope they are helpful to you.
And I'm not counting but.... 3 weeks until summer vacation. Stay safe over this holiday weekend.
Classroom Rules for the iPad

Monday, May 20, 2013

Interactive Phonics Booklets

School is starting to wind down and it seems as if life is busier than ever. I'm prepping for next year and so it all seems to start again. Getting my journals ready is a big priority since I want to use the help I have from my classroom parents to get these ready. Next, I'm sending the below Interactive Phonics Booklets to the Print Shop, so all I'll have left to do is fold. I'm excited to use these booklets because it will provide the kids with a center that they can do independently, but still add value to their learning. I'm always looking for constructive ways for them to do a literacy center on their own. I don't always have enough adult help, so this is important. We work on a specific skill a week. The packet includes 30 booklets, so that's 30 centers DONE! Check out the free Short A and see what you think. Being able to manipulate the letters to form words is so important for these new readers. Hope you enjoy.

Interactive Fun

30 Books In ALL!
Print, Copy, Fold, GO.

Interactive Phonics Freebie

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Oceans of Fun - Literacy and Math Activities

I wanted to post a new product just in time for the big Teacher Appreciation sale at TpT. Oceans of Fun has both literacy and math centers that are common core aligned. My student love "Fishing for Syllables" and the Sea Life Mystery Puzzles. I included one as a freebie below. It will go great with Mister Seahorse by Eric Carle.

Find Oceans of Fun HERE

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Morning Work for the Whole Year

I've created morning work for my first grade classroom and I must say I LOVE it. I like the students to have something waiting for them on their desks when they walk in, so that I can finish all my morning business (take attendance, lunch count, help with backpacks, talk with a parents, tell my parent helpers what they need to do). I would search each morning and would think "What should I have them practice today? Did I do this worksheet yet?" Now I have my morning work organized...It works on BOTH language arts and math. Skills build on one another. It took a few hundred hours (that's embarrassing to admit, but true), but now I have something completely productive for my students to do and I am confident they are receiving great reinforcement.

Below I have some highlights of the first bundle, Weeks 1 - 12. You can also download a couple sample pages to try and see how it works for you. They are samples from weeks 1 and 20, so I'm not sure if that fits the skills you are working on, but you can get an idea of what's included.
See the first twelve weeks in my store.
This is the first week of the first grade morning work. Click the link below.
Grab this first grade freebie.
Grab this second grade freebie.