Friday, July 12, 2013

"Bucket Filler...That's Me"

"Bucket Filler...That's Me"
Have you heard of the Bucket Filler books? If not, you must check them out. They are a wonderful addition to your classroom library. I created "Bucket Filler...That's Me" to compliment these books and it will enhance your students' understanding of what it means to "fill a bucket" or to be a "bucket dipper". 

"Fill a Bucket" Freebie
 Grab the "Fill a Bucket" Word Search Freebie. My kids love, love, love word searches. It's something they can easily do on their own and they love helping each other out. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Barrels of Apples and Johnny Too!

Barrels of Apples at TpT
The new school year will be here before you know it (Boooo!). Time to get out my apple unit. I decided to change it up a bit this year and I'm excited about all of the new additions. The kids get real antsy, especially at the beginning of the year, so it was important that I make the lessons fun and hands-on. 

 Who doesn't love a craftivity? We're going to make Johnny Appleseed to place on the top of our paragraph. I use Step Up to Writing as a model for our writing series and I love it. It's clear and shows the kids step by step how to write a paragraph at every level. Find all these activities in my new unit, Bundles of Apples and Johnny too!

I'm including a tried and true freebie below. Reinforce the subtraction concept with this hands-on math lesson. We have these great baskets I punch out with an Ellison cutter and the kids can glue them down in a way that they can place the "apples" inside the basket, but in case you don't have something like that available, the baskets included work just fine. I usually do this in a small group, so I can make sure everyones number sentence matches their picture before they glue it down. Have fun!

Bundles of Apples - Subtraction Freebie