Monday, September 1, 2014

Short "A" Activities

We've been in school for about 3 weeks and I feel like we are starting to get a groove. I had to show you this new bulletin board I put up. They remind me of clipboards. I am using it to display the kids' writing. In the past I would tape their work to the piece of construction paper, but it was time consuming. With this new board I attached a clip and it makes hanging their writing so much easier. 
 This week we've been working on Short "A". These little ones need to keep moving, so using interactive activities seem to be my best bet. We used play doh mats and stamps for two of our centers. They did a great job working independently. It seems to be a challenge finding independent activities that are also engaging and constructive for the beginning of the year. These two worked well.
We made crowns with Short "A" words wrapped around the edges. My group this year loves coloring, painting, and designing most anything. They wore these crowns all day. They were asked to go home and read the words to three different people or three different times to the same person. They checked off the box on the side and brought it back the next day for a ticket.
 Next up was Short "A" Bingo. The kids were able to make their own boards, so each one was unique. This was a two day project. We made our boards on the first day and played on the second.
We also made these interactive booklets. I was able to get a great understanding of who was struggling and who was able to sound out the CVC words. Letter orientation was something else I was able to observe. Some of the children had the "a" in the right place, but it was upside down. If you are in need of an activity for short "a" grab this freebie.

Grab the whole resource HERE.
Grab this freebie at my TpT store.

Next week we are on to Short "I" and beginning our Social Studies unit on Me on the Map. So excited. On a side note, I was at Staples today and picked up 30 spiral notebooks for 17¢ each.
What a great deal! Usually you are only able to get 6 at a time. If that is the case at the Staples near you, show them your teacher ID and they'll let you purchase more at the discounted price.
 Enjoy the last day of your long weekend.

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