Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Gingerbread Boy Story and Backpack

Each year we build gingerbread houses as part of our classroom party. The children have a blast and I run around the whole time looking for finger lickers. It's just too tempting for these little munchkins sometimes. Their parents would never forgive me if I send them home with a cold during their two week break. Hand sanitizer is my friend during this event.
I wanted to have a few activities with this theme leading up to this grand finale, so I thought we would do a few lessons with our favorite cookie... the Gingerbread Man. I'll be using the reader with my ESL group and focus on vocabulary. This will be a perfect reader for them to build their confidence and brainstorm words that describe animals.

 Normally, I would make the backpack for the kids to keep their retell cards in, as well a memory game they can take with them to play at home. This year, we are making sweet little 3 x 6 ceramic tiles as Christmas gifts. I'll have them using their finger tips to form a Christmas tree, put in the kiln, and add a ribbon. Presto! A keepsake a parent would cherish forever. I'll post them when they are complete. I thought these sweet gingerbread  bags would be perfect to place their gift in. Place a little tissue paper inside and the wrapping couldn't get any easier.

Find this packet by clicking here.
So easy to do.

I hope everyone is enjoying the start of December. We have an entire neighborhood a few miles from where I live that decorates their homes to the max. Think Griswald Christmas. I love it. The gaudier the better. We've gone three times since Thanksgiving. What do you love most about this season?

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