Monday, November 25, 2013

Turkeys In Disguise

The last time I posted was when school started and now in a blink Thanksgiving is around the corner. I have 33 students this year and they are keeping me on my toes. We are working in small groups each day to try and meet the needs of all the kids because having that many munchkins at one time can get tough. 
I read a lot of Thanksgiving stories, but my two favorite are A Plump and Perky Turkey and Turkey Trouble. 

 Both stories are about pretty clever turkeys that have other ideas about being the main course for Thanksgiving. We did a lot of activities around these stories and had a blast. I read each book several times and each time the students sat quietly  to listen. You gotta love that! I made a cute 6 page book to go with the theme of "clever turkeys" trying to disguise themselves or outwit the humans. We focused on prepositions. I first did a lesson prior (grab it as a freebie below) and talked about each of the words. These words were new to many of my second language learners. Then we did the easy to prep book. Afterwards, we made the turkey craftivity, glued it to a craft stick, and practiced our best turkey voices. The goofier the better. We read the booklet and when they were finished with the page, they held up their turkey disguise and read the voice bubble..."No turkeys here." It was fun. They loved their silly voices. They took it home with the assignment to read it three times to someone at home.
Fun six page book. Easy to prep. Interactive!
Quick and fun craft to go with the book.

Find these literature activities here.
Grab this freebie, here.
Are there any Thanksgiving books that are your favorite? Let me know what I can add to my list.


  1. LOVE your printable book. I'm going to have to print one for my daughter.

    1. I hope she enjoys it. My students had fun with it this year.