Monday, January 20, 2014

Polar Animals and January Fast Finishers

Grab this literature study from my store.
This year is flying by. The holidays seem forever ago and we are already well into January. It's pretty warm here in southern California. We're wearing flip flops and tank tops, so studying polar animals seems a little out of place. The kids are loving it and the books that go along with the winter season are wonderful.
We've been focusing on two books in particular...Tacky the Penguin and Little Polar Bear. The puzzle to the right is a great challenge for the kids. It also gives them great inspiration to make a super sentence. The kids also enjoy learning nonfiction information about these adorable animals. I found some great nonfiction books for free on TpT for both penguins and polar bears written by Hollie Griffith. The packet also includes color and b/w task cards. I love using task cards in small groups. Parents find them very easy to use, which is great. We did this penguin glyph and hung it on the bulletin board which I LOVE.


We're also concentrating on vowel teams. "When two vowels go a walkin', the first one does the talkin'." This week was ee and ea. The kids did a pretty good job. Now, we're just going to have to work on their fluency. Pick up this freebie. You can also find it in my Fast Finisher Packet for January.

Grab this freebie for Vowel Teams.
Grab this packet at my store.